It all began in 1973 when Philadelphia Eagles football player Fred Hill and his wife, Fran, learned that their daughter, Kim, had leukemia.

While traveling into Philadelphia for treatment at the children’s hospital, they met other families in the same situation. These families drove hours to the hospital to be with their children, only to sleep overnight in waiting room chairs and to eat from vending machines because they had nowhere else to go.

Fred Hill and his football team decided to do something for these families… build them a “home-away-from-home” in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles teamed up with local McDonald’s Owner/Operators to raise money to purchase and restore a house near the hospital where these families could stay. Hence, the first Ronald McDonald House was born. Since that time, more than 300 Houses have been built worldwide.


The drive to establish a Ronald McDonald House in Lubbock, Texas first originated in 1981 by the Junior League of Lubbock. In 1983, a non-profit organization named Family House, Inc. was organized, and the local co-op of McDonald’s restaurants and the national McDonald’s Corporation solidly backed the project.

The Junior League made the Ronald McDonald House the largest project in their 50 years’ history and the community gave generously to raise construction funds.


Although we serve families from across the country and around the world, our primary areas of service include Lubbock and the South Plains, the Permian Basin, the Big Country, the Concho Valley, and Southeastern New Mexico.

We have direct responsibilities in 68 counties, which equates to 26% of the state of Texas.


  • Steven Maddux, Board Chair
  • Todd Hardin, Board Treasurer
  • Jennifer Irlbeck, Board Secretary
  • Ty Jones, Past President
  • Paul Dannevik
  • Jacoby Madewell
  • Brian Payne
  • Robyn Snowberger
  • Sunshine Stanek
  • Brad Stuteville
  • Hugo Vargas
  • Libby White
  • Sydney Witte
  • Christi Felton


  • Emmanuel Ramirez, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Julie Barron Wells, Director of Development & Communications
  • Michelle Briggs, Director of Finance
  • Cindy Antoniello, Director of Operations
  • Maryhelen Matsler, Family Services Coordinator
  • Jared Pendergrass, House Facilities Technician
  • Meghan O’Rourke, Events & Social Media Coordinator
  • Catie Madden, Communications Assistant
  • Cynthia Black, Administrative Assistant to the President & CEO
  • Bud Caddell, Accountant
  • Lyle Yates-Bourasa, Resident Manager
  • Samantha Villanueva, House Operations Coordinator
  • Anna Bocanegra, Volunteer Manager
  • Roselva Ruiz, Permian Basin Programs Manager
  • Melissa Torres, Permian Basin Family Room Coordinator