How do I get started as a volunteer?

Two Easy Steps

ONE: Contact us to get started, discuss orientation and answer general questions:

      • In Lubbock:
        Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator – Tamara Price: 806-775-8496, tamara@rmhcsouthwest.com
      • In Odessa:
        Please contact the MCH Family Room Coordinator – Melissa Torres: 432-640-3090, melissa@rmhcsouthwest.com
      • In Midland:
        Please contact the PB Programs Manager – Roselva Ruiz: 432-640-3091, roselva@rmhcsouthwest.com
      • For all Court Ordered Community Service Applications please contact our main office at 806-744-8877.

TWO: Fill in the form below and we’ll reach out to you!

THREE: Attend an Orientation. Please bring $10 (cash or check) for a background check – this charge ensures a safe place for all families and volunteers.


Please list organizations served, years of service and duties performed.
i.e.: foreign language, cooking, reception, database, etc.
Employeer, co-worker, friend. No relatives.
Employeer, co-worker, friend. No relatives.
Please check all available mornings.
Please check all available afternoons.
Please check all available evenings.
If 'other' is selected, please explain at the end of the form in the space provided.