Comforting and supporting families while honoring the lives of their children

In 2014, the Hopeful Healing Hearts Celebration Ceremony was held to unveil newly constructed and designed spaces at the Ronald McDonald House to provide areas for relaxation, reflection and thought for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House with critically ill children. The ceremony also announced an important new Funeral Assistance program for the families who have lost a child and a River of Peace to honor them.

Family Courtyard: This beautifully designed space is our relaxing backyard and works as a place where families can gather for fun and fellowship. Strength in numbers often gives families struggling with the stress of having seriously ill or injured children the support they need to carry on.

Reflection Room: This tranquil and quiet space, located inside the Ronald McDonald House, offers comfort to those needing it. This room is a place where hope and inspiration may be combined for those who seek understanding and balance during vulnerable times. The room may also be used by individuals, families, or support groups of any kind, as a means to connect and heal.

Reflection Garden: This peaceful area inspires hope and offers something for everyone, no matter where they are on their healing journey. Throughout the garden you will see wondrous animals that offer symbolic connections of hope and encouragement. The beautiful space is available for mindful reflection to former and current families. Family members of all ages can collect their thoughts and spend a few minutes recovering from the stress of having a seriously ill or injured child.

River of Peace: This memorial feature is located in a private corner of the Reflection Garden. Families may choose to etch their child’s name on a river rock and have it placed in the River of Peace as a way to honor the child that has passed. The family will also be given a replica rock to keep as their own and they may visit the River of Peace at any time in remembrance of their child.

Hospice of Lubbock Partnership: We collaborate with Hospice of Lubbock to provide emotional support and assistance to our families. With their knowledge and experience in dealing with families going through loss, Hospice of Lubbock is able to mentally and spiritually prepare our families to face challenges before and after death. We endorse and applaud their children’s book, Jungle of Grief: A Spirit of Hope, and its author, Michael P. Hardin, Ph.D. The same animal characters that are seen in this book are located throughout our Reflection Garden, which allows for children and adults to begin conversations that are sometimes difficult to discuss. Hospice of Lubbock has the resources needed to connect families with their own communities, and therefore help them follow through with the grieving process.

Funeral Assistance: Many times when a family loses a child, they do not have the financial means to cover the costs of burial or cremation. RMHC of the Southwest is able to support those families through a unique program which provides funeral assistance funds. Funds are currently only available to families experiencing a loss in the same month as the request for assistance is made. Families in need of this special support are referred to RMHC through hospital social workers.